The Chicken Salad Chick: an inspiration for anyone starting out in business

Chicken Salad Chick.png

There's a lot about Stacy Brown's story that many small business owners could relate to and so much to be inspired by.

In 2007 Stacy found herself divorced and responsible for raising three kids aged six and under. Her way out was to start a home-based business cooking chicken salad (a staple dish in the southern states of the US) and deliver it door-to-door.

Her determination to succeed in the face of having her home-based kitchen closed down, unprofitability at her bricks and mortar establishment, being scammed out of 51% of her business once it was a success, the joys of an angel investor and the death of a loved one is a true inspiration for anyone starting out in business.


Whether you're starting out in business, or questioning your resolve with an existing one, put your headphones on and listen to Stacy's inspiring story.

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