Shaking things up with free services for young people, the unemployed and community groups

At Mallee Rising we're determined to do things differently in order to create the greatest possible impact in our region. The digital economy ignores traditional borders and is making the world smaller, presenting new opportunities for people in the Mallee who are prepared to take them. And we want to help everybody benefit from these new opportunities.

So we're excited to announce a range of free and low-cost services for young people, community groups and the unemployed to complement the low-cost services we’ve provided to new and existing businesses since we opened in June 2017.

Why are we doing this?

  • Young people are the growth engine of our region’s future and they need to be encouraged and supported to chase their entrepreneurial dreams. If we help them achieve their dreams here there will be less reason for them to move away to chase opportunities.

  • People who volunteer their time on community groups and community causes are the fabric that binds regional communities together. Volunteers do great work, often behind the scenes, and we want to celebrate, reward and encourage volunteerism by upskilling people and the groups they represent to grow and succeed.

  • The NEIS program supports unemployed people to take steps towards self-employment by starting their own business. This is in line with our vision and we welcome NEIS participants to use our infrastructure to increase their chances of success.

We believe our innovative, community-driven model is the way forward to build capacity and increase resilience in regional communities and drive growth.

How is this funded?

Mallee Rising is self-funded and has not received any grants to provide these free services: we provide paid services to businesses (including consulting) which allows us to redirect profits back into areas that can create social, economic and environmental impact. That said, if you would like to support Mallee Rising to help us on our journey to financial sustainability, we’d love to hear from you.

Prices are effective until 31 December 2019.

Shared workspace with desk and fast internet

  • Free for volunteers working on their community group from 9am - 5pm

  • Free for young people working on a business from 9am - 5pm

  • Free for NEIS participants who are working on starting a new business.

  • Starting at $15 half day / $25 day for businesses and professionals based on size of company. Weekly and monthly subscriptions available.

Small meeting room

  • Free for community groups and volunteers *

  • Free for young people working on a project or business *

  • Free for NEIS participants during business hours.*

  • $20/hour for businesses and professionals.

* Outside of business hours by arrangement.

Code Club

  • Free for anybody to come and learn computer programming and gain skills for the jobs of the future.

Tech Tuesdays

  • A free IT advice service from 1-3pm Tuesday afternoons from 30 April in partnership with BGR Development.

Mentoring - we guide you to do it yourself

  • $50/hour for new & micro businesses and community groups.

  • $90/hour for small/medium/large businesses.

Consulting services - we do the work for you

  • $50/hour for new & micro businesses and community groups.

  • $90/hour for small/medium/large businesses.

Venue hire

Mallee Rising is available for hire for meetings and events 7 days a week, daytime and evening.

Price on application.

Did we miss anyone?

Contact us to discuss where you could fit in and benefit from Mallee Rising’s space and services.

How we’re making this possible

Mallee Rising is a social enterprise. Our mission is to be a regional launchpad for entrepreneurs and we seek to create positive economic, social and environmental outcomes for Mallee communities.

Under our self-funded business model it doesn’t make financial sense for us to provide much of what we do for free or low cost but we’re confident that our approach will be good for the Mallee and good for us.