Initiative - “Code The Mallee” Code Club

A club comprising members of all ages that meets regularly and facilitates the learning of computer programming and coding languages.

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  • Increase digital literacy and awareness of coding as a career pathway.

  • Create economic opportunities for regional communities.


  • This initiative is currently under development. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

  • There will be opportunities for volunteers to get involved (even people who don’t know how to code).

  • There are sponsorship opportunities for businesses (financial and in-kind) to offset the costs of setup, equipment and ongoing operation.


  • A coding culture is established, which will, in turn, spark the development of an ecosystem of collaboration and innovation.

  • Increased number of people seeing technology as a career pathway and, ideally, remaining in the Mallee while working remotely for employers around the world.

  • Matching coders with entrepreneurs and businesses to develop innovative solutions to solve local problems and seize opportunities, resulting in positive outcomes for regional economies and businesses.

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