3/10/17/30 April: Learn how to build your own website using Squarespace


3/10/17/30 April: Learn how to build your own website using Squarespace


Once upon a time a good website was only within the budget of big companies.

In recent years, however, website building platforms have become cheaper and easier-to-use, making them accessible to micro/small businesses and community groups.

We'll teach you how to build your own website using Squarespace - it's cheaper than paying someone to do it for you, you'll learn a new skill and meet other businesses!

These workshops will be broken into 4 x 4 hours spread across 4 dates:

  • Wed 3 April (6-10pm)

  • Wed 10 April (6-10pm)

  • Wed 17 April (6-10pm)

  • Wed 30 April (6-10pm)

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to sit down and network with other micro/small businesses while building an amazing website.


What your ticket gets you:

  1. 4 guided sessions in a small class size (food & drinks included)

  2. Full support to launch your website during or after the workshop series

  3. Assistance registering/managing your website’s domain name

  4. Promotional posts on Mallee Rising social media profiles to promote your business and new website.

  5. Access to a digital professional to answer all of your questions.

  6. Develop new digital skills and business networking opportunities!

Your ticket does not include:

  • a separate annual charge to Squarespace of approximately $150 for a basic website (around $250 for an online shop)

  • The cost of your domain name (usually around $15 a year).

Note: This workshop is limited to 6 participants. You will receive a full refund if the workshop does not go ahead due to lack of registrations.

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