About Mallee Rising

Mallee Rising launched in 2017 as a social enterprise operating out of Swan Hill, Victoria.

It began delivering workshops and providing a co-working hub in its first year of operation and is looking to ensure future activities align with the needs of Mallee communities, particularly in the digital innovation and education space.

Mallee Rising’s vision is to be a launchpad for entrepreneurship, including digital innovation in Australia.

The social enterprise is positioning itself to be a regional innovation hub that drives new and innovative business creation and promotes lifelong science, technology, education, arts and maths (STEAM) learning. It aims to inspire young people to stay, and to attract professionals and businesses to the region.

Mallee Rising’s focus on online and emerging technology lessens the digital divide between city and country and across ages and industries. By creating opportunities for basic tech training - from social media to e-commerce through to farm tech and drones - Mallee Rising helps ensure local skills for local jobs now and in the future.

Our key objectives

Mallee Rising’s key objectives are to:

  1. Drive new and innovative business creation;

  2. Position the Mallee as a regional innovation hub that promotes lifelong STEAM learning;

  3. Inspire young people to stay or return to the region; and

  4. Attract professionals and businesses to the region.

To realise these objectives and to maximise its social impact Mallee Rising must achieve consistent positive cash flow and profit. With this in mind, in 2018, Mallee Rising determined to narrow its focus and to clearly define its structure and the social benefit it delivers.

Our 2019 priorities

Priorities for Mallee Rising in 2019 are to:

  1. Appoint an inaugural advisory board.

  2. Prepare for B Corp certification.

  3. Consolidate the co-working space operations and secure sponsorship to offset annual operating costs.

  4. Deliver one funded STEAM-related program for youth.

About its founder

Mallee Rising’s Founder and CEO is Swan Hill local Paul Dillon. Paul undertakes business development and delivers Mallee Rising’s commercial services. This includes identifying clients, grants and programs that support Mallee Rising operations. Sponsorship is sought to supplement the social enterprise’s first three years of operating costs.

Paul also manages the co-working hub and is aiming to make it cost neutral.