Advisory Board

A priority goal for 2019 is to establish an Advisory Board.

As a proprietary limited company owned by Paul Dillon there is no legal requirement for Mallee Rising to have a board of directors. While the advisory board will have no binding decision-making authority or executive function in the context of Mallee Rising, having one makes good business sense.

An advisory board of suitably experienced business and community leaders brings an outside view of how Mallee Rising is operating and fresh ideas of ways to improve its performance and impact.

  • Board directors are good sources of business and community contacts. They will bring skills, strong networks and linkages.

  • As Mallee Rising seeks to transition to B Corp status, having an advisory board in place will assist with certification.

  • The board will ensure good governance including financial management and delivery of Mallee Rising’s purpose.

Mallee Rising’s advisory board will comprise of between three to five people including the CEO. This is considered of sufficient number so that the requirements of the social enterprise can be met and changes to the make-up of the board can be managed without disruption.

Advisory board membership is voluntary and does not attract any remuneration.