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Casual and informal, Tech Tuesdays provides an opportunity to pop in to Mallee Rising to ask any of those questions you might have about technology but have been unsure where to go for answers.

It's free and it's one of our many initiatives to improve digital literacy, increase productivity and stimulate growth in our region.

Maybe you're looking at new software for your business but aren't sure it's right for you or you're having difficulty syncing or backing up files and photos to "the cloud". Perhaps you're looking at getting a new smartphone but aren't entirely sure what to get or you're wondering if your current internet plan is value for money. Or you may just want to chat about whether Halo 6 is going to be great or if the new Samsung Galaxy Fold is where smartphones will be heading in the next few years. These are just some of the queries you might have.

Thanks to Jason from BGR Development for offering to drive Tech Tuesdays.